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Where Is LSS/HPO Appropriate?

LSS/HPO is useful in any organization seeking sustainable performance improvements through the knowledge of simple and advanced tools, fueled by a culture of execution and continuous improvement.

  • Corporations benefit by satisfying customers through faster throughput, higher quality, and more competitive prices. Unlike many total quality and reengineering programs of the past, LSS/HPO focuses heavily on increasing revenues as well as reducing costs.

  • Government agencies benefit by successfully and simultaneously addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders. The quick, self-funding nature of LSS/HPO improvement efforts is extremely helpful in agencies that have been asked to provide more services while experiencing budget cuts.

  • Not-for-profits benefit by being able to do more with the same number of people. They also benefit by retaining volunteers because levels of commitment and intrinsic motivation rise within the goal-directed team environment of an LSS/HPO.

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from LSS/HPO. Small entrepreneurial organizations can reap quick, self-funding benefits from Lean-type projects that fuel later improvements through the use of more advanced Six Sigma tools and principles. Large organizations can de-layer and become more agile, typically without the need for downsizing, because of increased activities in the areas of revenue enhancement and quality improvement.

Finally, LSS/HPO is applicable in production and office environments as well. Deployment strategies for each may differ slightly, but the combination of Lean, Six Sigma, and High-Performance Organization principles and tools yields results that are dramatic, rapid, and sustainable in both.