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When Do Organizations Implement LSS/HPO?
Typical triggering events for implementing LSS/HPO include the following:

• Competitors start providing products of higher quality and/or lower costs

• Speed—to market as well as of production processes—becomes an important differentiator for an organization

• Organizational mandates to reduce operating costs come into effect

• A senior manager realizes that even though things are going well at the moment, the organization may be in trouble within a few years and needs to act now (as did Jack Welch at GE when he created an internal crisis based on his mandate that GE division would either become number one or two in there industry, or would be sold)

• Declining revenues

• A middle manager sees the power of improvement teams using Lean and Six Sigma tools, conducts a pilot, and sells the idea to senior management

• A reduction in funding requires an organization to do more with less, in a faster-better-cheaper mode

• A rapid change in an organization’s selected markets requires the organization to adapt more quickly