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What Is LSS/HPO?
For most organizations, achieving rapid, dramatic, sustainable improvements is a formidable challenge. Combining three of the most powerful improvement disciplines available today can help organizations tackle that challenge head-on.
The LSS/HPO value proposition is that an organization can achieve rapid, dramatic, sustainable results by integrating:

• Lean’s simple improvement principles and tools that focus on waste elimination and process speed,

• Six Sigma’s statistical analyses and other advanced methods that focus on reducing variation, plus a financial screening rigor for projects, and

• High Performance Organization’s cultural focus and creation of accountability, energy, and ownership through a new structure and set of principles.

• This combination also provides a balance of short- and long-term gains within an overall improvement portfolio. Applying simple streamlining principles and organizing teams with authority to improve local work flows can produce quick gains within three weeks to two months. Advanced statistical methods that require lengthier data collection and analysis times round out the improvement portfolio by providing gains in a six- to eighteen-month timeframe.

Note: LSS/HPO represents a planned, deliberate, time-phase integration of these three disciplines – not just tossing tools and methods of each discipline into one work plan. Careful planning for the technical and leadership tasks is required for optimal results.