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Lean Six Sigma/High-Performance Organizations (LSS/HPO) is a discipline that blends three proven, time-tested improvement initiatives: Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and High-Performance Organizations. Organizations that implement LSS/HPO discover the following benefits:

- An improvement initiative that delivers dramatic results quickly, sometimes within a three-week period
- An improvement initiative that organizes carefully screened projects into “waves” of improvement that achieve excellent results, with minimal organizational disruption and high sustainability of gains
- A comprehensive effort that takes a systemic approach to introducing improvements, considering varied factors such as business processes, organizational structure, intrinsic motivation, information dissemination and human resources practices
- Improvement projects that focus on improving the top line (revenues) as well as the bottom line (costs)
- An organization that can rapidly redesign itself to adjust to changed external or internal conditions
- An organization composed of many high-performance teams that set goals, monitor them and accept collective accountability
- An organization that has fewer levels than its traditional functionally and hierarchically organized counterparts in the same industry
- A workforce that has an extreme focus on execution
- A workforce that has the tools, knowledge, and motivation to continuously improve