LSS/HPO Readiness
Plan Viability
Existing Improvement Effort
Faltering Six Sigma Effort
Interpersonal & Team Skills
To improve, or to start any kind of change it’s important to understand where you currently are, where you want to go, and the gap that exists between the two. The five brief assessments on the left provide useful input into leaders’ decisions at various points in an LSS/HPO effort.

The LSS/HPO Readiness Assessment indicates an organization’s readiness for changing from the current organization to one that embraces the principles, tools, and culture of a Lean Six Sigma/High-Performance Organization.

Plan Viability Assessment will tell you if your workplan is missing key elements for a successful implementation of any sort of large-scale process improvement initiative.

The Existing Improvement Effort Assessment provides some data on how well your current improvement effort – such as Six Sigma, HPO, or Balanced Scorecard – is going.

The Faltering Six Sigma Effort Assessment identifies key areas that may be missing from your Six Sigma project that are causing you problems.

The Interpersonal & Team Skills Assessment shows respondent skill level in dealing with others, and in working with people on a team.

These assessments are intended to provide a “quick-and-dirty” analysis of key points to consider in an LSS/HPO project. These are intended to provide you a quick picture of how things are going and are not intended to serve as the sole source for management decisions. More Comprehensive assessments and diagnoses will be available soon for each of the topics listed. Sign-ups for these future assessments appear on the bottom page of each assessment.