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The various LSS/HPO stages and the key deliverables and activities are shown in the “How” section of this website (shown on the navigation bar at the top of this page). This section lists the key high-level activities that combine to make LSS/HPO implementations so successful. There are obviously many factors for success in such a complex undertaking, but here is a starter list of distinctive factors in the unique LSS/HPO approach:
  • A workplan for the initiative that provides for a seamless integration of “hard” and “soft” aspects of improvement and organizational change.
  • A solid definition of an organization’s processes, which is provided before the organization proceeds with any improvement process or restructuring activities.
  • Organization into high-performance teams around processes where performance will be enhanced.
  • Improvement projects are carefully screened, placed in an overall improvement portfolio, and introduced in waves of improvement.
  • A new leadership paradigm that replaces command-and-control with analyze-and-energize principles.
  • The use of large groups (20 people or more) to develop LSS/HPO work products and simultaneously increase buy-in and reduce resistance to change.
  • A systemic multi-front approach for change.
  • Numerous feedback & learning loops are incorporated to accelerate learning and continuous improvement.